Arriving in the Triangle area in 2009, Rinku Bhattacharya Das was pleasantly surprised to see the quality of local performing artists as well as a nurturing community passionate about Indian dance. Already an accomplished Kathak and Manipuri dancer in India, she was inspired to form a professional dance group that would take her gurus’ vision to new heights and new frontiers. To catalyze such an effort, she began teaching herself and organizing intense workshops conducted by leading classical and contemporary dance exponents from India.
The Aakrisht Dance Group was born!Untitled-2

Currently Aakrisht is a  professional performing troupe under the creative direction of Rinku. They are artistes representing different genres of dance from all over the world, coming together as one cohesive unit to learn and   perform Indian classical and contemporary routines throughout North Carolina and beyond. Each member of Aakrisht Group is recognized individually  for their own  unique identity, enthusiasm, talent and dedication to the troupe. In addition to studying and performing with Rinku the members regularly attend workshops, participate in Indian dance related events and teach students in the local community. Fueled by the passion and commitment for  dance excellence Aakrisht Dance group has established itself as a premier dance troupe in North Carolina and beyond with major dance performances in artistically rich locations such as Manhattan, Las Vegas and New Jersey.

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