"Rinku Bhattacharya Das trained by Guru Bipin Singh and  Darshana Jhaveri for the past twenty years displayed the Manipuri stamp of her mentors faithfully, dancing Bajigar vesh, Krishna as Bajigar in disguise to meet Radha, performing acrobatics, using various movements from pung cholom, spirals, dancing on knees, taking aerial somersaults received instant applause from the audience. Delicate in her build and frame, Rinku has internalized Guru Bipin Singh’s style thoroughly, including the distinct neck movements. The nayika bhedas were suggestive, brief and according to the Vaishnava sastra. In Mandila Nartan, the composition Ratan hindol par baithal Radha Madhav and execution of cymbals were perfect with commendable synchronization. Darshana Jhaveri’s choreography revived for me pleasant memories of performance of the Jhaveri Sisters and Guruji’s evergreen compositions. It is commendable that Rinku carries on this legacy with such fidelity. The supervision of both Latasana, another senior disciple of Guru Bipin Singh, and Darshana Jhaveri, has helped Rinku to project Guru Bipin Singh’s style successfully."

– Dr. Sunil Kothari, a dance historian, scholar, author and a renowned dance critic.

“Now there is a bright star on the Kathak firmament. There was never a dull moment in her dance.Rinku follows the old Jaipur gharana and gave her best in Kalia Daman depicting the combat between Lord Krishna and Kalianag in Tandava style.”

 "Exciting Footwork" (Down Town, The Statesman)

"Stopping Traffic Downtown with a Subcontinent’s Movements"

"Nothing in the program, however, was more picturesque than the single-file entrance of the seven Manipuri dancers from the Natya Academy Rinku Bhattacharya and group

Earlier on, two female Manipuri dancers danced the “YugalNartan.” The tall headdress of the first (playing Krishna) played by Rinku Bhattacharya Das , with its circular plumed decoration, and the rigid, bright farthingale worn by the second (as Radha) Acharya stay in the memory. Both combined pattering footwork beneath upper-body tilting. The Erasing Borders festival has not presented Manipuri in New York before; it would be good to see a whole program of it one day. "

  – Alastair Macaulay, New York Times, August 2011

It comes as no surprise that the beautiful choreographer duo of RamyaSundaresanKapadia and Rinku Bhattacharya Das chose to pay tribute to their Gurus through their excellent dance rendition titled “Aum Sad GurubhyoNamaha – An Ode to the Guru.” Now, the two choreographers, RamyaKapadia and Rinku Bhattacharya Das need no introduction to the art loving public of the Triangle Area. They have been part of the rich and varied multi-cultural warp and weave that forms the vibrant tapestry that is the cultural scene in the Triangle."

– Basant Bahar 2012, Saathee Magazine, April 2012

 I give my blessings and wish her good luck for a prospective future and hope that she gets more and more opportunities not only in India but also in abroad to prove her artistic ability to enchant the audience.”

– Bela Arnab, Nritya Baridhi, Dean of Fine Arts (Rabindra Bharati University)

 Rinku Bhattacharya Das is a very talented, serious, hard-working, dance student who has real passion to dance and do research work. She has all requisites for a dancer; i.e., stage presence, looks, slim body and natural grace. Any support, encouragement given to her will be culturally well rewarded.

– Padma shri Darshana Jhaveri, Manipuri Dance Exponent (Jhaveri Sisters)