“I believe that to be the best we have to learn from the best. We had the privilege and honor of watching Rinku B Das's Dance performance at Heritage India festival in April 2013.Her performance was Mesmerizing and Magical. We were all in awe of her and became her SUPER FANS.My daughter has been learning dance from Rinku for about a year and I started about a month ago.Our experience with Rinku cannot be summed up in few words.Rinku is part of our family I am so grateful she is in our lives.My daughter loves Ms. Rinku and looks forward to her dance class every week.She is patient with kids and adults she makes dance FUN and INTERESTING.Her teaching techniques are SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE and she can make anyone Dance.We are so proud and honored to be Rinku's students.I hope my Daughter can become a wonderful Dancer like Rinku under her coaching and guidance.

Thank you Rinku for sharing Beautiful world of Dance with me and My Daughter.”

Priya Pitti

Dancing is an amazing art and more important is the teacher because she takes your ability to a new level, guides you and finds the dancer in you. Not everyone can do this. I am glad that my daughter has a teacher who is gifted with this talent. She is as an amazing choreographer, dancer, and above all she is great with kids.”


“Rinku is a wonderfully patient instructor, and she adapts the dancing for all levels of dancers. She also has a wide range of knowledge in classical Indian Dance.”

Kelly Buynitzky

“You have inspired me and my daughter to dance to the best of our abilities. You are a wonderful teacher and great role model. Your energy, patience, creativity and love manifests in every lesson. You are always teaching us to be dedicated and true to ourselves in the art of story telling. I sincerely want to thank you for all your hard work. We are committed to be on this journey with you for many more years.”

Hetal Easudev

“My daughter has been taking Kathak lessons from Ms. Rinku Bhattacharya Das since September, 2010.  I am very impressed with Rinku's teaching ability.  She is very patient with the children and is understanding when they make any mistakes.  At the same time, she believes that all of the children have talent and she works very hard with them to bring out that talent. I trust that Rinku will help my daughter to reach her fullest potential at performing Kathak.  We are indeed very fortunate to have Rinku as my daughter's Kathak teacher.”

Ashwini Vaidya